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  • What is your shipping policy?
    Shipping takes 7-10 business days. You should get an email with the tracking information as soon as your order has been shipped.
  • How do I get the ebook I purchased?
    These eBooks are available for download right after you checkout and you should receive an automated email too. If you encounter any technical issues, please email
  • How can I access the at-your-pace class I just purchased?
    Once you have placed your order our system will automatically send you a link to sign up and/or access the course. If you have previously purchased an at your pace class, you can log in with the same details at You will get a downloadable file with instructions right after you checkout, take note that this file is just the instructions on how to access your class and not the actual class.
  • I followed the steps but I can't log in to the learning platform:
    Please note that the class you ordered is under the account with the email address you used to purchase. You should be able to log in using your normally used email address and password. If you don 't remember it, you can reset your password. For further help, email
  • When will I get my certificate?
    Certificates are now available automatically after 100% completion of your course!
  • What's included in your At Your Pace Classes?
    Most of our classes has multiple learning resources like Demo Videos, FAQ videos, Supply List, Consent Forms, Module/Guides and Certification.
  • What' s the difference between classes and webinars?
    Both are accessible At Your Pace with 7 days access but unlike classes, webinars are short and only has video lessons whereas with classes, you get multiple learning resources and a certification.
  • My 7-day access is over, do I have to repurchase?"
    You never have to repurchase a class from us, when your class expires and you still need to access it, simply email and we will give you an extension.
  • I bought the DIY Ebook, how can I join the DIY Group?"
    The instructions on how you can join the group is at the last page of the ebook. You can also simply go to this link: and just answer the questions needed to join the group. You can also send Sabrina a DM on her fb account and she 'll add you manually.
  • How do I purchase your classes?
    Our website for the classes is at or simple select "At Your Pace Classes" on the menu of this main website.
  • How do I purchase your eBooks?
    Ebooks are sold on our other website: P.S Use the code: WEB10 for 10% off your first purchase :)
  • Do You Have In-Person Classes?
    Yes, head over to to sign up and select UPCOMING CLASSES on the menu.
  • How Can I Enroll To VIP?
    Please sign up here:
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