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Fat Dissolve Serum Messopepton

This product that redefines silhouette, through elimination of fat and prevention of adipogenesis. Acts on the three causes that promotes the accumulation of fat in the body. Contains Myrica Cerifera extract.

Indicated for hard or compact fat reduction treatments.

PREVENTS: Decreases Lipogenesis, which is carried out fundamentally by an inhibition of the glucose transporter inside the adipocyte (Glut4) and an inhibition of the synthesis of intra-adipocyte fatty acids

ELIMINATES: Stimulates Lipolysis through a direct stimulation of Sensitive Hormone Lipase and an inhibition of Phosphodiesterase with the consequent intra-adipocyte increase in cAMP.

MAINTAINS: Decreases Adipogenesis, this is carried out fundamentally by an inhibition of the activity of perilipin, which allows a greater activity of the Sensitive Hormone Lipase at the level of the fat vacuole. Avoid the rebound effect.

Fat Dissolve Serum Messopepton

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