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Leci Plus 1 vital

Visibly refines silhouette, smoothing hips, buttocks, stomach area, arms, and thighs. Used to improve the appearance of localized fat.

Leci Plus 1 vital

  • Ingredients:Agua, Lecitina extra pura, Desoxicolato de Sodio, Extracto de Myrica Cerifera(fruta), polisorbato 80, Alcohol Bencilico, Propilenglicol, Fosfato de Sodio , EDTA , Metabisulfito de Sodio

  • Apply on the skin with circular upward movements, until product is fully absorbed.

    • Conduct 1 session every 8 days to get the expected results. (On average 8 sessions or depending on specific needs)
    • Apply up to 10ml per session.
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